Two Classes of Motivational Speaking

Motivational speaking is one of the art forms that few people have mastered. In fact, it’s been said many times that public speaking is one of the greatest fears people have. Those that are comfortable enough to make speeches is one thing, but instructing, educating, and motivating an audience is quite the other. Far more often than not, motivational speakers are seen in favourable light because they can transcend the simple, and illuminate the realm of wonder to get people moving into action, instead of stagnating. Life is hard, and many people lose hope for a brighter future, but that’s where a good speaker can turn things around. They seem to understand the complexity of human emotion, yet deal with an intangible piece of the future that they construct into words and the right things to say at the right time. That is an art form that many people aren’t born with, even though it can be developed. There are two major types of motivational speaking engagements, both designed to get the wheels turning for people.

The first major motivational speaking engagement that most people are aware of is serious in nature. Serious problems are dealt in a serious manner with steps to overcome. Motivational speaking takes harsh realities and funnels them towards a specific goal of breaking through the walls and moving forward. People find that motivational speakers that are more serious in tone evoke a confidence that is contagious. Emulating speakers that are serious is one of the key aspects of this type of self-help.

The second major motivational speaking engagement is full of humour. This can easily be confused with comedians, but it’s a different beast altogether. Funny motivational speakers are in a class all their own, and can dissect humorous stories with real life positive movement. Some might be quick to compare comedic speeches with sermons of a religious nature, and that’s not necessarily what a speaker in this category does. What they do is take the mundane and spotlight it for the main purpose of getting the audience to move forward with their decision making process, break the chains that many find irksome and binding, and come out the other side changed and free. Of course, there’s a fine line between pure comedy and real motivational speaking, and that’s why it can be difficult to decipher the intentions of the speaker.

While the above categories can sometimes be blended, the main outcome of motivational speaking is the same; change. Changing is hard for everyone; especially those that are down on their luck or are set in their ways. Motivational speaking is a powerful thing to listen to, and to emulate, as it changes lives on a daily basis.

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