Motivational Speaking Tips – 3 Highly Effective Approaches

One of the best gifts a speaker can give an audience is to make them FEEL BETTER.

This is the essence of motivational speaking. Your aim should be to lift your audiences to a higher level – to make them feel more inspired, enthusiastic and motivated to pursue a particular course of action. The following 3 motivational speaking tips will ensure your speech has maximum impact and is remembered long after you have left the podium.

No. 1 – Understand Your Audience’s Values and Goals

To motivate an audience you need to understand and ‘plug in’ to their values and goals. This point is absolutely critical in motivational speaking.

It applies even if you are a company owner seeking to inspire your workforce to greater productivity. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you workers’ values and goals are necessarily the same as yours. They may be interested in doing a good job, but their main underlying motivation may be to provide for their family. In this instance, your motivational speech will need to demonstrate that you understand and respect their goals and that by becoming more inspired about their work they can better serve both the company and themselves.

No. 2 – Tell Inspiring Stories

Another highly effective motivational speaking tip is to include several short but impacting stories in your speech of how people have overcome difficulties and achieved the sort of success that the audience wants to achieve. For example, if you are speaking to a sporting team, you can recount how a player came back from serious injury to reach the top of their game.

Or if you are speaking to a business club, you can inspire them by talking about how local businesses have been able to thrive in tough economic times by taking advantage of new, readily available technologies. These stories, if well told, will leave listeners with the feeling that they can go out and achieve the same things.

No. 3 – Use Energy and Power

In motivational speaking you must pass on your energy and power to your audience. You should use strong gestures and emphatic body language to illustrate your message and the stories you tell.

You can also walk down amongst your audience to establish a sense of connection and mutual purpose. Touch, shake hands and use eye contact to strengthen that connection.

You want to leave the audience in no doubt that they can achieve personal success, and emotionally committed to acting on your ‘message’.

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